Effective Altruism


"The challenge for us is this:  How can we ensure that, when      we try to help others, we do so as effectively as possible?" - - William MacAskill


We have always felt it important to donate our time and funds to charities that appear to make a difference.  


But this is not enough.  We feel it is our corporate responsibility to help where we can.  And we harbor no illusions that our success can be decoupled from the health of our environment and the health of the most impoverished who rely on it to live.


For that reason, we have created a charitable vehicle that is continually funded by contributing ten percent (10%) of every dollar of profit we make.  


We are personally involved in the decision making process as to which charities we will ultimately fund by systematically vetting various charitable groups for overall efficiency and immediate impact.


Our belief is that this is our basic corporate responsibility and our hope is that others will join us.  We anticipate and look forward to a day in the near future where this is a main stream adoption point rather than an outlier.




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